As to attire for class

As to attire for class, your clothes should be comfortable and allow for freedom of movement. Floppy or flowing clothes can get caught in our partner’s hands. Jewelry that can swing and interfere with your partner should be avoided. It’s better to avoid hair styles that can swing in your partner’s face. Common sense will keep you from problems like these. Remember that ballroom dancing brings us close to our partners, so we should be careful to be pleasant to be near. Have a shower and a breath mint if in doubt, but avoid strong fragrances. Some people are allergic. Shoes should be comfortable and smooth-soled. Flip-flops or other floppy shoes should be avoided. Dancers need to spin and turn easily on their feet. As soon as you are sure you want to continue the study of dance you should get dance shoes. They have suede leather soles that provide the proper balance of traction and ability to turn. Shoes made for running or sports have soles designed for traction instead of ease of turning. They work against you and can cause knee and ankle pain for dancers. Dance shoes are available from Top Hat and from online sources.

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