Ballroom dance is a partner activity

Ballroom dance is a partner activity. It is an art practiced by a couple. Therefore, we can certainly say at the outset that the most basic skill of dancing is learning to relate to the partner. If we are to succeed, we must have our partner’s support and cooperation. We must succeed together or not at all. Attitude and behavior will decide which. If we are positive and encouraging, our partners will likely respond in kind. Respect and a positive attitude will make the experience good for everybody. It is important to communicate your willingness to work through the lesson without blame and guilt. When you dance or take lessons with a partner, you will need to be considerate when mistakes are made. You may feel vulnerable and unsure of yourself and so may your partner. Work to build each other’s confidence. You will soon learn the value of patience and understanding. You will appreciate these virtues in your partner and you need to be prepared to exercise them in the dance  relationship. Mistakes are not unexpected. They are part of the learning process. Get used to it. Apologies are not necessary in class. The best way to say “I’m sorry.” Is to say “Let’s try it again.” Your partner will appreciate your cheerfulness and willingness to try again more than all the apologies in the world.

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