Dance is a physical skill

Dance is a physical skill. When all is said and done, you can only learn to dance by dancing. The most appropriate parallel experience is that of a child learning to walk. Think of your own experience or remember how a child you know learned to walk. At first, they were awkward and ungraceful. Their balance was unsure. They used mostly large muscles and were wobbly and tentative about the whole thing. Mysteriously, the more they walked, the better they got. Their balance was better. Their coordination improved and what was before awkward and clumsy became graceful and easy for the child. Finally, walking came to be taken for granted as they happily walked everywhere. You can learn to dance the same way, but only by  actually dancing. Watching classes, tapes and videos doesn’t count. Reading books and viewing web pages are only helpful if you actually move through the dance you want to learn. The mechanism of learning is called muscle memory. This means  that our  muscles can be programmed much like a computer. In dance, there is no learning without movement. The only way to hasten the process is to repeat the movements more frequently. As we carry out the same movements over and over, our muscles remember the movements and they become automatic.

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