Learning to dance is a cumulative process

Learning to dance is a cumulative process. Dance is a complex art that is learned on a number of levels. Stated another way, it is one art that is really a combination of many. This means that we will learn the basics first and build from that foundation. There is no reason to be frustrated when you don’t learn it all in the first lesson. It is unrealistic to expect that such a complex art can be mastered in a short time. We often tell students, “If you could learn it all in two weeks, you would be bored in three weeks.” Like playing a musical instrument, or learning yoga, dance is a lifelong endeavor. There’s no point getting in a hurry. You will be learning and growing in the art the rest of your life. Haste creates impatience and ruins your enjoyment in the present. There are, though, two things that will keep you moving toward your goal. They are regular classes and regular practice. Be patient and keep going. You don’t need to get it all today. Persistence will bring progress and every month will show you how far you have come.

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