Music is part of what we learn in dancing!

Music is part of what we learn in dancing. Every dancer must be a musician to a degree, and, as a dancer, you will relate to music in an entirely new way. Every style of dance has a count, or cadence that guides the dancers to step in time with the music. You will listen for the cadence of the dance in the music you hear. Relax and tap your feet or fingers, or bob your head as you listen. Convert the music to motion in your body. This process is the beginning of dance. For example, the Waltz cadence of 1-2-3 is probably the easiest to hear. The Rumba is Slow-Quick-Quick, or SQQ as it is commonly abbreviated. Everyone has some difficulty hearing the different dances at first. That is, they may have difficulty telling a Tango from a Rumba or a Foxtrot. The process is simple to describe but complicated in practice. You will listen to the music and imagine dancing to it. First decide whether the song is a smooth or a rhythm selection. Then try the possibilities in your imagination one at a time, say, first foxtrot, then tango, and so on. If you can hear the cadence of the dance in the music, then you are ready to dance. Give it a try with your partner. If one dance doesn’t fit, try another. Be patient with yourself. It gets better with practice. If in doubt, ask. It’s a good way to start a conversation!

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