The Bachata dance was said to have originated from the Dominican Republic. It is danced by couples usually in a romantic and sensual story-telling style. The Bachata dance was also, at some point, considered to be a passionate and sensual kind of expression of love through dance. It was said that the early Bachata music was created using items commonly found on one’s backyard such as garbage cans, pots, pans, and fences, among others. This is one of the reasons why the Bachata is called such because in some parts of the Dominican Republic, bachatarefers to trash. Nowadays, electric instruments, particularly electric guitars, are used to create Bachata music accompanied vocals.

A few examples are listed below:

Song Title Artist
No Es una Novela Monchy & Alexandra
Stand By Me Prince Royce
Ven A Mi Allendi
Cuando Me Enamoro Guerra/Iglesias
Cristina Fito Gress
Perdidos Monchy & Alexandra
Chiquilla Carlos Carrasco
I Need A Girl Nueva Era
Que Vuelva Alex Bueno
Bachata rosa Juan Luis Guerra
Llora Corazon Charlie Zaa
Princesa Frank Reyes
Bandida Kiko Rodriguez
De Rodillas Te Pido Luis Miguel
Ven Tú Domenic M
El Triste Zacarias Ferreira
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These videos are meant to be reminders for people who have taken our classes. We do not present them as instructional. Many excellent instructional videos may be found on Dance Vision International’s website.