Waltz is a smooth dance that moves counter clockwise around the dance floor. It is characterized by long, gliding movements and rise & fall of the dancers.Waltz dancers continuously turn while gliding around the floor almost effortlessly. The dance is graceful and elegant. The tempo is slow; only 84 – 96 beats per minute, but the expressive quality of the music is very powerful and romantic.Waltz is always in ¾ time. The first beat of each measure is stronger, while beats two and three are lighter. There are many old and new songs that have the correct tempo for dancing the American Style Waltz.

A few examples are listed below:

Song Title
Come Away With Me Nora Jones
Take It To The Limit The Eagles
My Cherie Al Martino
Waltzing’s For Dreamers North Sea Gas
Rainbow Connection Ted Brabham
Beautiful Dreamer Phil Coulter
Neville’s Waltz Harry Potter
Too Far Gone Emmylou Harris
If I Were A Painting Kenny Rogers
Dark Waltz Hayley Westerna
When The Deal Goes Down Bob Dylan
Ashokan Farewell Gallway/Coulter
Ocean Waltz Sting
Dawg’s Waltz The Grateful Dawg
See The Day Girls Aloud
If I Knew Then Lady Antebellum



These videos are meant to be reminders for people who have taken our classes. We do not present them as instructional. Many excellent instructional videos may be found on Dance Vision International’s website.

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